Multimode Fiber Optic to RS232 converter

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This type of CMU 100 device is multimode fiber optic to RS232 converter. Data is simultaneously converted from multimode fiber optic to RS232 and vice versa.
Converter has one full duplex, 820 nm wave lenght multimode fiber optic interface with up to 1,5 km distance range, with ST or SMA connector and has user changable positive (light OFF when idle) or negative (light ON when idle) logic. Second interface is full duplex RS232 with DB9F connector. Device allows data speed up to 115,2 kbits/s.
Converter has LED indication for power and LED indication for Rx and Tx lines for each interface.
Three types of power supplies allow connection to all common station batteries: 24 V DC, 48 V-60 V DC, 110 V-220 V DC voltage. Additionaly it can be also connected to standard 230 V AC voltage.
Housing is made from Aluminum and is intended for standard DIN35 rail.
This device is intended for use in cubicles and cabinets in all kinds of power production, transmission and distribution stations. It requires no maintenace. All normaly used connectors, switches and light indicators are accessed at the front side of the device.



- Integrated power supply, so no additional power supply adaptor needed
- Wide power supply input voltage for standard station batteries supply 110 V-220 V DC, 230 V AC or 48 V-60 V DC or 24 VDC
- Enclosure size 40 mm(W) x 105 mm(H) x 111 mm(D)
- Aluminum housing, standard DIN 35 rail mount
- Communication activity LED indication on each port
- Communication speed up to 115,2 kbit/s
- 1,5 km distance with multimode fiber



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CMU100-1.6.1-0 Multimode Fiber Optic to RS232 converter schematic






Typical application:

CMU100-1.5.6-0 RS485 to Multimode Fiber Optic converter application






Model types:

Port 1
Port 2
110 V-220 V DC, 230 V AC
48 V-60 V DC
24 V DC
Multimode Fiber Optic
CMU 100 / 1.6.1 - 0
CMU 100 / 7.6.1 - 0
CMU 100 / 3.6.1 - 0
CMU 100 / 1.7.1 - 0
CMU 100 / 7.7.1 - 0
CMU 100 / 3.7.1 - 0





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