USB to 16x serial port extender unit - PEU 016

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USB to 16x serial port extender unit PEU 016 is device that adds up to 16 serial ports to the PC via single USB port. Serial ports are intended for connection to the protection relays, voltage regulators, power meters and other equipment on the power substation. PEU 016 supports RS232, RS485 and multimode (820 nm) fiber optic communication. Power supply input voltages are standard substation voltages; 110 V DC, 125 V DC, 220 V DC or 230 V AC.
PC USB drivers are written for every commonly used operating systems; WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, Linux,....


Typical application:

16 serial port PEU connection to protection relays, power meters,..














- 16 serial ports through single USB port for SCADA communication with protection relays,

voltage regulators, power meters,..

- All ports galvanically separated (isolated) for increased EM immunity

- RS232, RS485 or multimode fiber optic (820 nm) interfaces - all combinations of port types available:

--- Up to 16x RS232 (DB9M connector)

--- Up to 16x RS485 (DB9F connector)
--- Up to 16x multimode (820 nm) fiber optic ports (ST or SMA connector)
- LED Rx & Tx activity on each port

- Positive (light off when idle) or negative (light on when idle) logic on fiber optic port

- Low CPU burden - use of singleboard, low power PC possible

- USB cable unwanted unplug protection

- Low consuption ~10 W
- Wide voltage power supply: 110 V DC, 125 V DC, 220 V DC, 230 V AC
- Rx & Tx LED activity indicators on each port












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